Bayuali Earth Energy Readings

Earth Energy Readings are readings done by our traditional Kemetic Priest(s) from Africa. The Priest interrogates the Earth using various ancient traditional techniques, such as cowrie shells or M’TAM science, that can tell you the future, past and present. Earth energy readings are a technical process that has been preserved, taught and passed down from generation to generation. Readings allow individuals to pierce “the veil of existence” in order to live in harmony with their Ancestral line, their individual destiny, and any non-material aspects of the existence which are with them. These readings are intended to resolve or prevent problems they may meet in their lives.  

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Traditional Health Consultations 

The training to become a healer is very challenging and very technical. A healer, according to indigenous African tradition, is responsible for the health of his or her community and therefore must be properly trained to exhibit a superior level of knowledge about the body, the spirit, and quality of life.

In indigenous societies, it is understood that the human being doesn’t begin or end with the physical body. All of the healing techniques, advice and herbal recipes are based on that multi-dimensional understanding of nature.

Holistic Health Consultations are non-invasive, but do require in-person contact with the healer. Healers will assess the bodily systems using traditional techniques, which includes some physical touch. They may offer lifestyle advice and education about traditional perspectives on health, as well as herbs and teas which would be used to restore balance in a traditional African setting. It is ultimately important for you to understand that it is you who have the ability to heal yourself through a change in your behavior.

Ankhkasta Natural Healing’s Health Consultations are educational and informative about your health from a traditional African perspective. They are not to be misconstrued as diagnosis, medical treatment, or medical advice and they are not meant to replace the advice or treatment of your current medical practitioners.

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