Earth Energy Readings

What are Bayuali Earth Energy Readings?

Earth Energy Readings are readings done by our traditional Kemetic Priest(s) from Africa. The Priest interrogates the Earth using various ancient traditional techniques, such as cowrie shells or M’TAM science, that can tell you the future, past and present. Earth energy readings are a technical process that has been preserved, taught and passed down from generation to generation. Readings allow individuals to pierce “the veil of existence” in order to live in harmony with their Ancestral line, their individual destiny, and any non-material aspects of the existence which are with them. These readings are intended to resolve or prevent problems they may meet in their lives.  

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Naba Iritah Shenmira

Dogon Priest & Healer

Executive Director of Ankhkasta Natural Healing

Head of Dosso Initiates in Western Countries Outside of Meritah (Africa)

Certified Sounnt Healing Class Teacher

NABA Iritah Shenmira is a priest and healer of the Dogon bloodline from the Gulmu region of Africa. He is the Executive Director of Ankhkasta Natural Healing. NABA Iritah was born and raised among the Tem people in Togo. As a young boy in traditional culture, he entered various initiations and apprenticeships with priests and healers, enduring the rites of passage of becoming a man. Upon Prophet Neb Naba Lamoussa Morodenibig’s (founder of The Earth Center) return to Burkina Faso from the United States in 2006 to open the traditional initiation in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, Naba Iritah seized the opportunity to follow and study under him in order to advance his spiritual growth and enlightenment, not only as a son but as a disciple. As his son, Naba Iritah dedicated his life to claiming the initiatic heritage and knowledge of his bloodline in order to carry on the missions of his ancestors. A devout disciple of his father Master Naba, Naba Iritah learned M’TAM science and the knowledge of Kemetic mystery schools. He became the leader of the first initiates at the Earth Center in Africa. After the transition of his Master to the World of the Dead, Naba Iritah assumed full responsibility of The Earth Center Ouagadougou and of the duties of his bloodline in order to sustain the mission of his late father.


OURO SAMA Gbeleou (Djente)

Ankhkasta Priest and Healer

Tem Tribe

OURO SAMA Gbeleou is a young priest and family father of the Tem tribes. He is the grandson of the high priestess who trained most of the working priests of the Tem tribes today, including YACOUBOU Mery and OURO GBELE Wazaria. His grandmother left him in charge of much of her legacy and today he is one of the most respected priests who is demanded by his community and royalty for healing and spiritual assistance. He assists The Earth Center in various capacities and has been instrumental in establishing The Earth Center's healing center.


Bayuali Earth Energy Reading  $205

Readings are typically scheduled remotely via an online video or audio platform, which allow the client to call in or use a weblink. Once you book, we will provide you with a time and date in which the priest is available and confirm your availability. When booking a reading online, please email to let us know about preferred days and times. We cannot guarantee these times but will do our best to fit your availability.

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