Readings FAQ

Q: Once I book a reading, what happens next?

A: You will receive a phone call or email within 24-48 hours acknowledging your payment and will communicate with one of our customer service representatives regarding potential dates and time slots. When booking a reading online, please let us know about preferred days and times. We cannot guarantee these times but will do our best to fit your availability. If you are paying for a reading for someone else, a friend or a family member, please send an email to with their name, email address, and phone number so we can coordinate directly with them.


Q: What’s the difference between a “priest” and a psychic?

A: A psychic uses their own personal insight, knowledge, or gifts, which might be an underdeveloped ability. Psychics tend to reveal issues but rarely have practical solutions. The traditional African Priests we work with at Ankhkasta have worked to develop that ability, gift, or knowledge further by raising their own individual qualities to gain access to technical knowledge and processes that have been taught and preserved for thousands of years. A Priest interrogates the Earth’s energy to provide insight and a solution to an issue that presents itself on an individual’s spiritual journey. These methods could be Cowrie Shells, Geomancy, M’TAM Sciency or many other methods that traditional African Priests use.


Q: Why doesn’t the priest have to be physically next to me in order to complete the reading?

A: The Priest is using the Earth’s energy to read an individual's life. Because we are all connected to the Earth’s energy, (we are born on Earth) we do not have to be directly present with the Priest for them to read the energy channel of an individual. 


Q: What are good questions to ask the priest?

A: Good questions are any question(s) concerning issues that you are experiencing in your life that you need help or guidance on, for example, health issues, financial issues, etc. It is suggested that you write the questions down beforehand and have them ready. The priest may address these questions without you needing to ask. Normally, once your energies are opened, the Priest will address things according to importance. Once the pertinent issues are addressed, toward the end of the reading, the Priest will ask if you have any questions and then you may present them. 


Q: Do I need to prepare to take notes?

A: No. The reading will be transcribed for you, and a reading summary will be provided to you via email after the reading.


Q: How long does the reading last?

A: Readings typically last 45 mins to an hour.


Q: What are “ceremonies”?

A: Ceremonies are the practical solution(s) given by the Priests to assist an individual with resolving any issues. These are the traditional ceremonies that priests and healers have used in traditional African indigenous communities for centuries to communicate between the material and non-material (spiritual) worlds. They are also a way of taking care of our Ancestors in the spiritual realm, so that they can have a better future and open up the way for us to have one as well.  You should know that each reading will come with ceremonies or spiritual works. Some ceremonies will be performed by indigenous healers in Africa using various elements in nature, including plants, animals, herbs, etc., and some spiritual works may be recommended which you do on your own. All of these will be explained to you in your reading. The ceremonies in Africa will come with additional costs for materials and services of the traditional priests, and will be priced for you on the reading summary that you receive after the reading. You may call our customer service number 737-201-1213 to pay for spiritual works and ceremonies or with any additional questions you have regarding your reading.



Q: How do “ceremonies” work?

A: In a reading the Earth will provide a solution to an issue that the Priest will then interpret. Solutions are arrangements of components that are always entities or objects that must be in Nature or coming from Nature. Nature is vast, so to say what exactly will be needed to solve an issue that will arise in a reading would only be a guess. For example, spiritual ceremonies may include a range of herbs, food, animals, nuts, etc. Before a ceremony, there is normally a negotiation process that occurs between the recipient of the offering and any animals used in an offering. Animals are a part of nature and Nature negotiates on their behalf and protects them during this process. 


Q: If I pay for an offering how long does it take to complete? 

A: You may pay for any spiritual works or ceremonies through our customer service number: 737-201-1213. The ceremonies may take place anytime from one week to several weeks upon payment for the ceremony, but this depends on other factors, including availability of materials, natural environment, and correct timing. This process is a highly technical one with many factors and elements to consider. All of these things must be considered by a Priest before doing an offering. You will be informed of the completion of your ceremony either through email or phone call.


Q: Why do I need a spiritual reading?

A: There is more to a human being than just the material aspect. A Spiritual Reading gives the client a glimpse into the general issues that may be unseen to the client in the non-material realm. In the spiritual reading you will be made aware of the issues and you will be given a solution. These issues could be a result of your actions in this current life or from a past one or from an ancestor’s in the past, present or future. At the time of the reading the Priest will present you the most pressing issues that your energies present at that time. These are the issues that will need to be resolved first before moving onto less pressing ones. 


Q: If I already had a reading then do I need another one?

A: Yes, it is recommended. Once you complete any spiritual work and offerings that come out of a reading, you will have taken the first step to taking care of your Ancestors and entities working with you/your bloodline. From there, it is important that you continue those lines of communication. You can schedule follow-up readings anywhere from 3 months to a year after your first one, or when you have additional questions that arise.