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An experienced priest will connect to the Earth's energies to find solutions and bring balance to your life physically, energetically and spiritually. Read more below to learn about Ankhkasta readings.


Health Consultations are non-invasive examinations and are rooted in centuries of healing knowledge. Receive health guidance to address your health. 


Schedule a Virtual Health and Lifestyle Coaching Session and receive health and wellness recommendations to indigenize your life. 


Spiritual ceremonies address energetic, ancestral and physical health blockages to harmonize your energies. Some are self-performed while others need to be done by our professionals in Africa.


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What is an Energy Reading?

Ankhkasta offers readings that employ spiritual tools originating from the Nile Valley, preserved and passed down for generations through the West African indigenous healing traditions. These readings provide context into the energetic and spiritual realities of our lives and are solutions-oriented, designed to provide direction on how to readjust the energies to bring harmony, stability, and evolution. The readings are rooted in sacred indigenous knowledge that utilizes a deep understanding of Nature and the Earth in order to provide guidance on how to readjust and take care of our lives spiritually, energetically, and physically. 


What Are Spiritual Ceremonies?

Spiritual ceremonies address energetic blockages and help you harmonize your energies. Ceremonies are prescribed during readings and divinations from Ankhkasta healers and can be self-performed or performed in the traditional Kemetic healing temples in West Africa on your behalf.  

What is a Health Consultation?

Health Consultations are non-invasive and are rooted in centuries of healing knowledge. Holistic health consultations are non-invasive, but do require in-person contact with the healer. Healers will assess the bodily systems using traditional techniques, which include physical touch. They may offer lifestyle advice and education about traditional perspectives on health, as well as herbs and teas which would be used to restore balance in a traditional African setting.


What is Ankhkasta Health Coaching?

We offer 45-minute health coaching sessions where an Ankhkasta representative will give you health and wellness recommendations based on indigenous wisdom. Our health coaching is virtual and designed to help you indigenize your life through health and lifestyle changes. Discounts on herbs may apply after a health coaching session. 

Meet Our Healers

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NABA Iritah Shenmira is a healer from the Dogon bloodline from the Gulmu region of Africa. NABA Iritah was born and raised among the Tem people in Togo. As a young boy in traditional culture, he entered various initiations and apprenticeships with priests and healers, enduring the rites of passage of becoming a man. He is the son of Neb Naba Lamoussa Morodenibig (the founder of Ankhkasta Natural Healing) and he seized the opportunity to follow and study under Master Naba in order to advance his spiritual growth and enlightenment, not only as a son but as a disciple. After his father’s passing, Naba Iritah dedicated his life to claiming the initiatic heritage and healing knowledge of his bloodline in order to carry on the mission of his Ancestors. Naba Iritah does full health consultations and Bayuali Earth Energy Readings through Ankhkasta Natural Healing. 

Eva Foam

Nehez Meniooh was born in Seattle, Washington. He entered the Earth Center's initiation where he began his apprentice healing in 2004. Nehez was a part of the last generation who studied exclusively under Master Naba in the U.S. Nehez apprenticed with Master Naba in the healing. sitting in on countless health consultations, listening to the wisdom of Master Naba, and gaining valuable experiential knowledge. When Master Naba left the US in 2007 he asked Nehez to oversee the herbs and the Chicago branch of ANH. Nehez continues his studies with elder Ankhkasta healers on the annual pilgrimages to West Africa. He is one of two healers for ANH in the U.S. and a priest in training conducting countless health consultations. He currently resides in Bobo Dioulasso, Burkina Faso in West Africa running the herbs and production department for Ankhkasta and is continuing his studies with various healers.

Meet Our Health Coaches

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Born in the South of India and raised in the US, Jahzra entered Dogon initiation in 2008, studying under Master Naba's elder students. In 2017 she started studying with Naba Iritah and has traveled throughout West Africa working with indigenous healers. Jahzra has sat in on countless consultation sessions with Nehez and has been apprenticing at the Ankhkasta Healing Center in Togo, attending to a variety of physical, energetic and spiritual matters. She resides in Burkina Faso with her family of six children and has dedicated her life to the mission of Ankhkasta.


Tiasta has been working with clients in her healing and therapy practice since 2014. Her work is informed by her own healing process. Dealing with personal unexplained health issues and unsatisfied with the modern medical system, she began to explore alternative spiritual healing methods alongside herbal remedies. She found Ankhkasta in 2018, and became trained in indigenous natural healing methods through The Earth Center’s initiation. She has since traveled to indigenous West Africa, gaining apprenticeship experience through the Het Aishat healing center in Togo.

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SaMa’at was raised in Trinidad from a very early age. His childhood interest in natural healing later led him to travel and experience the M’TAM initiation and the healing traditions of ANH. He has since been an apprentice under seasoned ANH healers Naba Iritah Shenmirah and Nehez Meniooh. He also travels regularly to West Africa to learn medicinal recipes and techniques from various families specializing in the craft. His journey has inspired his lifelong passion for the art of healing and wellbeing.

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Kasabez was born and raised on Chicago's south side. He began his healing studies in 2003 and was taught directly by Ankhkasta's founder, Master Naba. He continued his apprenticeship under Ankhasta's senior healers, Naba Iritah and Nehez Meniooh for many years, observing health consultations and working with Ankhkasta's herbal remedies, gaining knowledge of the herbs and their uses. He began performing health consultations in 2016 and has since helped numerous clients recover from various health problems. He is currently living in Burkina Faso, West Africa to continue his learning.

How Do Healing Services  Improve My Life?


Schedule a Virtual Health and Lifestyle Coaching Session and recieve health and wellness recommendations to indiginize your life. 

Eva Foam

An experienced priest will connect to the Earth's energies to find solutions and bring balance to your life physically, energetically and spiritually.

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Spiritual ceremonies address energetic, ancestral or physical health  blockages, and help you harmonize your energies. They can be self performed or done in Africa


Health Consultations are non invasive examinations and are rooted in centuries of healing knowledge. Recieve health guidance to address your health. 


Schedule a Virtual Health and Lifestyle Coaching Session and recieve health and wellness recommendations to indiginize your life. 


Schedule a Virtual Health and Lifestyle Coaching Session and recieve health and wellness recommendations to indiginize your life. 


Schedule a Virtual Health and Lifestyle Coaching Session and recieve health and wellness recommendations to indiginize your life. 


Schedule a Virtual Health and Lifestyle Coaching Session and recieve health and wellness recommendations to indiginize your life. 

Spiritual Services Common Questions

Why do I need a spiritual reading?

There is more to a human being than just the material aspect. A spiritual reading gives the client a glimpse into the general issues that may be unseen to the client in the non-material realm. In the spiritual reading you will be made aware of the issues and you will be given a solution. These issues could be a result of your actions in this current life, from a past one, or from an ancestor’s in the past, present or future. At the time of the reading the priest will show you the most pressing issues that your energies present at that time. These are the issues that will need to be resolved first before moving onto less pressing ones. 

How do “ceremonies” work and what should I expect?

Ceremonies can vary greatly in their components depending on the situation. Sometimes a ceremony can be as simple as pouring some water or milk on the ground and making wishes, other times a ceremony may be very elaborate utilizing many natural elements. Ceremonial elements may include herbs, fruits, nuts, animals, and many other natural elements. Those elements may be arranged, gifted, eaten and/or utilized in a variety of ways depending on an array of circumstances. No matter what the circumstance, any ceremony that may be suggested for you in a reading will have the objective of bringing harmony in your life. 

 In terms of what to expect, it entirely depends on the situation. If a door is opened which was closed, then it is for you to walk through it. If it is a problem which was avoided, then the problem will not manifest completely. If it is to fix a spiritual deficit in your Ancestral line or in your own life, sometimes the deficit is monumental, and it will take time to reach a point of noticeable stability; if the deficit is not great, you will notice a stability in your energies which must be maintained. Ceremonies always come with certain principles and advice to follow. If you receive a ceremony to clean your spirit, then you must maintain that cleanliness in your life to benefit from the ceremony. If you dirty yourself again directly after the ceremony, it will not be possible to benefit from it; it must come with some maintenance. 

What are good questions to ask the priest? 

No matter how complex your concerns may be, try to spend time thinking about the root of those issues. Try to reduce your concerns to their lowest common denominator. Meaning, think about the real roots of the issue prior to the reading, then formulate them into essential questions. Most of the time when we have problems, they can be emotionally troublesome. These emotional reactions can cloud the logic which we need to arrive at a thoughtful solution. Instead of thinking about how much money you want to make, think about what you may need to properly sustain yourself. Instead of thinking about how beautiful you would like your husband or wife to be, think about what you need to attract a person that will be good for your evolution.

Why don't I need to be in person?

The priest is reading the Earth's Energy to check on the life of the client. The priest is on the earth, and the client is on the earth. An experienced priest will know how to triangulate their location (where the reading is occurring) with the earth they are on, and with the identity of the client wherever they happen to be. It is normal for experienced priests to check on the lives and wellbeing of their family remotely even if they are not in the same village.  

How long does the reading last?

Readings typically last 45 minutes to an hour. 

If I already had a reading then do I need another one?

Once your ceremonies from the initial reading are completed, you may schedule follow-up readings anywhere from 3 months to a year after your first one, or when you have additional questions that arise. 

Can you tell me more about "ceremonies"?

Ceremonies are the traditional African solutions given to the client to help assist in the resolution of any issues they may be facing. These ceremonies are what traditional African priests have used for generations to help bring harmony to the lives of their family and people in their own community. Some ceremonies may focus on nourishing the spirits of your ancestors and reinforcing your own energetic stability. Sometimes ceremonies may help remove negative energies or blockages. You should know that each reading will come with ceremonies or spiritual works. Some ceremonies will be performed by indigenous healers in Africa using various elements in nature and some ceremonies may be recommended which you do on your own. All of these will be explained to you in your reading. The ceremonies in Africa will come with additional costs for materials and services of the traditional priests, and will be priced for you on the reading summary that you receive after the reading. You may call our customer service number 737-201-1213 to pay for ceremonies or ask any additional questions you have regarding your reading. 

What’s the difference between a priest and a psychic? 

From the African perspective amongst the professional indigenous community, there is a very high standard and expectation to be considered a "priest". Respected African priests come from families which specialize, generation after generation, in being an intermediary between the seen and unseen worlds. This includes being prepared morally, spiritually, and physically from a young age through ceremonies, education, initiation and apprenticeship to be able to serve people properly. Psychics may be born with the same predispositions that a priest is born with, but may not have had the training and preparation which the indigenous traditions provide their young priests. Often they may be able to reveal the same problem, but will not be able to assess the depth, or provide the proper context within which a proper solution may be assessed.

Do I need to prepare to take notes?

No. The reading will be transcribed for you, and a reading summary will be provided to you via email after the reading.

If I pay for a ceremony how long does it take to complete?

You may pay for any ceremonies through our customer service number: 737-201-1213. The ceremonies may take place anytime from one week to several weeks after payment depending on the availability and workload of our team in Africa. Ankhkasta Natural Healing consistently serves many people and sometimes processing time may take a bit longer than normal. If any ceremonies are very pressing or time sensitive, we will be able to fast-track them in most cases. You will be informed of the completion of your ceremony either through email or a phone call. 

What are the prices of ceremonies?

You may have ceremonies recommended for you to do yourself, which cost nothing; only effort on your part. Other ceremonies which require our team in Africa will be priced, the vast majority of which range from $75 to about $500. In certain exceptional cases the price may be higher. The pricing of ceremonies are based on the recommendations from the Earth Energy Reading. These prices include the cost of labor from the team and the materials needed. Your services help provide a fair living wage to our team of healers, priests, apprentices, while also helping to build the infrastructure to preserve indigenous communities. 

Health Services Common Questions

What is the difference between the two services?

A consultation is an in person physical examination which assesses your physical and erergetic well being and comes with recommendations and take away action items. A coaching session can be done virtually and provides health and wellness advice as a coaching guide. 

How Do Health Consultations Work?

Holistic health consultations are non-invasive, but do require in-person contact with the healer. Healers will assess the bodily systems using traditional techniques, which include physical touch. They may offer lifestyle advice and education about traditional perspectives on health, as well as herbs and teas which would be used to restore balance in a traditional African setting. It is important to understand that, ultimately, you are the one who has the ability to heal yourself through a change in your behavior. Ankhkasta Natural Healing’s health consultations are educational and informative about your health from a traditional African perspective. They are not to be misconstrued as diagnosis, medical treatment, or medical advice and they are not meant to replace the advice or treatment of your current medical practitioner. 

What do I expect from a health consultation?

The training to become a healer is very challenging and very technical. A healer, according to indigenous African tradition, is responsible for the health of his or her community and therefore must be properly trained to obtain a superior level of knowledge about the body, the spirit, and quality of life. In indigenous societies, it is understood that the human being doesn’t begin or end with the physical body. All of the healing techniques, advice and herbal recipes are based on that multi-dimensional understanding of nature. Your trained healer will use this perspective to craft a unique plan for your healing which includes dietary and lifestyle changes and recommendations for herbal products.

How long do consultations and coaching last

They range from 45 minutes to an hour 

Do I need to be in person for health coaching?

No, you can schedule a virtual coaching session where an Ankhkasta representative will give you health and wellness recommendations based on indigenous wisdom.

How Does Health Coaching Work?

Health coaching are virtual appointments with an Ankhkasta representative who will give you health and wellness recommendations based on indigenous wisdom.

What is the pricing for a health consultation?

The price for a health consultation is $155. Please note, recommended products come at an additional cost.

What is the pricing for health coaching?

Our sessions are priced at $95. 
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Customer Testimonials

The Impact of Ancestral Wisdom

A Learning Experience

“Before my Ankhkasta Health Consultation, I was experiencing heart palpitations throughout the day, I had hemorrhoids, and I had watery blisters on the bottom of my left foot. The blisters were itchy, so naturally I was using anti-fungal creams that had little or no effect. After taking the herbs prescribed to me, the heart palpitations are more rare and the hemorrhoids are getting better. I was not aware of how dangerous hemorrhoids can be until then. These results came from just one visit. The Ankhkasta healer was very professional, and he answered my questions to my satisfaction. I often recommend Ankhkasta's herbal recipes to my family and friends.”

Ma'el Hunter-El

Support with Pregnancy

I have had several readings and spiritual work and my life has been getting better in the sense of having more peace in my life. Last year in June of 2019, my now husband and I were trying to get pregnant and were not successful after a few months of trying. I had a reading done in September and, in the reading, it was recommended I take some herbs to help with fertility. I did not hesitate to follow the recommendation because I have a trusting relationship with Ankhkasta. Because of my background, I am familiar with herbs, but I did not know what to expect with these herbs. Once I ordered the herbs, I received them in the mail in October, and they looked to be in powder form. I read and reread the instructions to make sure I followed them as instructed. Both had to be mixed with liquid (one boiled and one drank with wine) and I drank the herbs until they ran out for approximately 2 weeks. It took some discipline, but I drank the herbs and we started trying to get pregnant afterwards. In December I found out I was pregnant and now have a beautiful 5-month-old daughter. I am grateful to have the support and help from the Earth Center as they have helped open a path for me that I am eternal grateful for.

Evelin V

Breastfeeding Support

“I was breastfeeding my daughter for approximately 9 months when my milk production decreased significantly. I tried all sorts of remedies that I found online such as fenugreek, mother’s milk tea, and increased the use of my breast pump. I didn’t notice any results and was convinced I would have to wean my daughter before her first birthday. A friend suggested Ankhkasta and the healer gave me a simple, inexpensive, yet very effective solution. I was a bit skeptical due to the simplicity. But within a week my milk production had increased significantly. I’ve shared this advice with other working mothers who have also had positive results. Thank you Ankhkasta!”

Belinda Woods

Ancestral Knowledge

The Earth Energy Reading that I received from Ankhkasta Natural Healing was very informative about the life that I was leading. It also gave me some much wanted information about my family's past, my present, and future.

Janelle S

Solved My Problems

“I injured my hamstring during an intense session in martial arts class a number of years ago. It didn't help that shortly after incurring that injury I started taking a 8hr round-trip commute a couple times a month for almost 2 years. That really seemed to aggravate that injury every time I made it home from the long commute. Even after I had discontinued my travels my leg injury persisted with a dull but lingering and noticeable ache that would become quite painful after long periods of sitting. At the time of my injury and during the time of my lengthy commute, I did seek to address the issue with several homeopathic ointments, rubs, and with stretches and massages, which only seemed to help mildly or momentarily. Eventually, I started having pains around the side and back of my knee that were even more excruciating. I had to do something. I ordered the Nerve Remedy from Ankhkasta Natural Healing because the pain started to really affect my ability to function. When I received the herb and applied it as instructed, I started to feel the effects almost immediately. That evening I could feel the herbs working as I slept, and within days I noticed a marked difference in my overall discomfort. I really noticed the difference in my knee pain that seemed to develop as a result of my leg injury. It wasn't long before I realized that my knee didn't hurt at all, and that the pain in my leg, as old as the injury was, had been significantly reduced as well. Overall, I have Ankhkasta's Nerve Medicine to thank.”

SaMa'at Sakuhai

No More Allergies

“Ankhkasta Natural Healing was able to help me with an issue that modern medicine was not able to fix since my childhood. I suffered from severe chronic allergies, from the time I was a child. They were so severe that I later developed secondary issues which were preventing me from breathing through my nose. After coming in contact with mold, my problem became even worse and I suffered from constant sinus infections. Doctors only provided temporary relief in the form of pills, but nothing to fix the problem. I received my first consultation from Nehez Meniooh and was given herbs to help alleviate my congestion. He also identified other problems in my health that I was unaware of. Since then, I no longer wake up sneezing every morning and haven't dealt with sinus issues. Although it may seem like a small issue, living with constant allergies is awful and I am very happy to say that the herbs have helped me to be able to finally breathe easily.”

Velia Gonzales

Thank You!

Thank you for having this cleansing soap available for us. I have been using the cleansing soap for the last two months. I initially started noticing would sleep really well and would wake up feeling rested and peaceful - after a long day I would look forward to my shower. This cleansing time has become an intentional time to not carry the day or even set my day off well. Thank you Anhastka for helping with this part in a everyday form.

Evelin Valle

Earth Energy Readings

The Ankhkasta Earth Energy reading that I had was very useful. It helped me to become more focused on what I need to do. There were certain things that I was not aware of that are very important for me to know.

Jean D

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