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Join our mission to preserve traditional healing cultures in indigenous West Africa


Our Conservation Mission


Your money is used for life.

Every time you buy an Ankhkasta product or service, a portion of each sale goes directly back to traditional communities in West Africa. By preserving indigenous knowledge we are helping people to decolonize their lives and support the communities who have preserved this healing knowledge.

 We aim to support the protection and conservation of natural resources and healing wisdom to ensure indigenous communities can continue to thrive in their way of life despite the encroachment of modern globalization practices. This includes supporting the indigenous stewards in preserving and protecting their lands, traditions, families and customs as well as healing plants and sacred sites. 









Ankhkasta Charitable Projects

Make a general donation to our cause or specifically to one of our three projects. 

Eva Foam

Around the world, the indigenous cultures have held the responsibility for preserving our most precious resource, nature. ANH is dedicated to ensuring the perpetuation of these sacred lands.

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Our goal is to empower the local indigenous communities that are holding ancient healing wisdom by ensuring their basic needs are met so they can live a dignified life.  


Family life is the backbone of traditional Africa and women are the backbone of families. ANH is committed to the health and wellbeing of indigenous women and their families. 



Where can anyone say they would be at this moment if not for a woman? It is the woman that provides the stability of the community and is the first educator of the children. These children represent humanity’s future. As the saying goes, “when you educate a daughter, you educate a nation.” 

Thus it is only fitting that women and children hold a position of paramount importance within indigenous society and culture. As such, ANH has dedicated itself to providing the needed resources and infrastructure to enhance the healthcare and quality of life of women, new mothers, and children in order to prevent the physical and mental suffering experienced through poverty and disconnection with nature. 

When modern Western values begin to encroach upon traditional communities, it erodes local family and village structures, and women and children are often affected the most. Despite best intentions, even modern charitable initiatives meant to uplift women can disconnect them from their own traditions and values upon which their families have stood for generations. ANH is committed to the health and wellbeing of indigenous women and their families through utilizing traditional cultural structures and values. 

Your funding will provide for

  • Birthing centers for traditional women, preserving local practices. 
  • Pre- and postnatal care for indigenous pregnant women, providing a variety of wellness options with respect for traditional family structures.
  • Educational funding and support for indigenous children.
  • Hut and house building projects within West African indigenous communities.   

Our Purpose LH
Our Purpose LH



Our goal is to empower indigenous communities by ensuring their basic needs are met so that they can live a dignified life. We specifically support the communities and villages that are preserving and perpetuating the healing knowledge that sustains humanity. 

 The first peoples of the earth’s habitable lands have, for time immemorial, shouldered the responsibility of preserving life according to the imposition of their natural environment. They have honed vocations, crafts, and skills through generations of experience in order to meet that responsibility.

Through their study and interaction with nature and its diverse aspects, these indigenes have also produced valuable systems, ways of life, languages, etc. in order to build societies and the necessary institutions we can summarize as culture. 

 As an organization, we have made it a priority to help preserve these tried and true cultural practices, healing techniques, and spiritual practices, safeguarding these invaluable treasures in a time of flagrant disregard of the very principles that have sustained humanity up to this point. 

 When you support this initiative, your money goes to: 

  • Providing access to healing services and knowledge to local community members and broader populations looking for health solutions. 
  • Supporting temple caretakers and their families.
  • Offering traditional priesthood & apprentice healer training.
  • Protecting and preserving ancient herbal knowledge and indigenous spiritual practices. 

Our Purpose LH
Our Purpose LH



Sacred lands used to abound in indigenous areas of Africa and other parts of the world: lands that contained healing plants, sacred sites, and ancient structures. Yet, today we see modern industrial projects and expansion encroaching upon and even destroying these lands. Around the world, the indigenes of various cultures acknowledge the sacredness of the land that provides for all our needs. 

We at ANH stand as no exception. As an indigenous-based organization founded by an esteemed indigenous healer from West Africa, we are dedicated to ensuring the perpetuation of these sacred lands. We recognize that without this preservation we will lose the priceless connection to the life-supporting characteristics of nature. ANH has already acquired sacred land to build a healing center in Togo, West Africa: Het-Aishat. This healing center employs local indigenous priests, healers and community members to meet the growing demand of local populations and Western citizens who are seeking traditional health solutions or wish to come to our centers to receive care. 

We have acquired lands in Bobo-Dioulasso, Burkina Faso to build a second center. As these centers are remote and away from the congestion of densely populated areas, there is a critical need for ready access to water, wells, sustainable farming, building materials, housing, etc. 

When you choose to support these preservation projects, you are giving to: 

  • Upkeep, maintenance and building projects within the Het Aishat Healing Center in Togo, West Africa. 
  • Projects to buy and acquire other sacred lands in West Africa and indigenous areas abroad to protect them from modern development. 
  • Expanding the ANH mission by building a traditional healing center in Bobo-Dioulasso, Burkina Faso. 
  • Well-building efforts in traditional villages. 
  • Projects to preserve traditional farming techniques in the face of industrial farming. 

Our Purpose LH
Our Purpose LH
Our Purpose LH
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