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About ANH and our Team


Our Founder

Ankhkasta was founded in 1983 by Neb Naba Lamoussa Morodenibig, a Dogon (indigenous tribe of West Africa) High Priest and Master Healer, coming from a long line of priests and healers dating back to the time when much of his Ancestral traditions were being overtaken and traded for religions. His staunch commitment to the cultural legacy that his Ancestors fought to preserve and protect fueled his quest for knowledge and the mission to recover the grandeur of Kemetic history and reunite humanity with this legacy. 


Our History

In the 1980’s, armed with a grand mission, Master Naba started the organization Khepra that would bring traditional men and women together in order to protect and take responsibility for the future of traditional Africa (or as it’s called in traditional language, Meritah). Shortly thereafter, he built the traditional institution of Ankhkasta Natural Healing in 1983 dedicated specifically to the preservation and perpetuation of indigenous African traditions of healing and spiritual technologies.  He created a network of healers 

who strive to strengthen and protect traditional healing techniques while at the same time making them available to people around the world. What once began as a mission by one indigenous Master Healer has multiplied and grown into a thriving network of healers, cultural activists, and students of indigenous knowledge. The team behind Ankhkasta Natural Healing is dedicated to continuing Master Naba’s vision by perpetuating the healing knowledge and wisdom from indigenous African civilization, which has been hidden from the broader public for centuries.

20 Years In Service

BIPOC Operated & Managed

Ankhkasta Natural Healing aims to reintroduce humanity to traditional forms of holistic healing by providing alternatives to the modern world’s approach to health, while strengthening and preserving traditional healing wisdom. Ankhkasta Natural Healing is a network of traditional healers who approach healing from a holistic perspective based on the goal of preserving life.

Meet Our Team

Our leadership team and healers are dedicated to preserving life.
Naba Iritah Shenmira
Executive Director of Ankhkasta Natural Healing
NABA Iritah Shenmira is a healer from the Dogon bloodline from the Gulmu region of Africa. NABA Iritah was born and raised among the Tem people in Togo. As a young boy in traditional culture, he entered various initiations and apprenticeships with priests and healers, enduring the rites of passage of becoming a man. He is the son of Neb Naba Lamoussa Morodenibig (the founder of Ankhkasta Natural Healing) and he seized the opportunity to follow and study under Master Naba in order to advance his spiritual growth and enlightenment, not only as a son but as a disciple. After his father’s passing, Naba Iritah dedicated his life to claiming the initiatic heritage and healing knowledge of his bloodline in order to carry on the mission of his Ancestors. Naba Iritah does full health consultations and Bayuali Earth Energy Readings through Ankhkasta Natural Healing. 
Ouro Sama Gbeleou (Djente)
Tem Tribe
OURO SAMA Gbeleou is a healer and family father of the Tem tribes. He is the grandson of the high priestess who trained most of the working priests of the Tem tribes today. His grandmother left him in charge of much of her legacy and today he is one of the most respected priests who is demanded by his community and royalty for healing and spiritual assistance. He assists The Earth Center and Ankhkasta Natural Healing in various capacities and has been instrumental in establishing The Earth Center and Ankhkasta's healing center in Togo, West Africa. 
Nehez Meniooh
Nehez Meniooh was born in Seattle, Washington. He found his way to natural healing through the Earth Center's M'TAM initiation and Sounnt course. Nehez was a part of the last generation who studied exclusively under Master Naba in the U.S. He was one of only two initiates of an initial eleven in his generation who made it through the rigorous training. Nehez apprenticed with Master Naba in his healing work, sitting in on countless health consultations, listening to the wisdom of Master Naba and gaining valuable experiential knowledge. Nehez continues his studies with elder Ankhkasta healers on the annual pilgrimages to West Africa. Nehez offers health consultations and health coaching through Ankhkasta Natural Healing and currently resides in Bobo-Dioulasso, Burkina Faso in West Africa. 

Dedicated To Giving Back

Every time you buy an Ankhkasta product or service, a portion of each sale goes directly back to traditional communities in West Africa. By preserving indigenous knowledge we are helping people to decolonize their lives and support the communities who have preserved this healing knowledge. 

Our Products

Ankhkasta's natural products and services provide alternatives to the invasive practices and dangerous side-effects of modern medicine. Indigenous societies understand that the human being does not begin or end with the physical body. All of the healing techniques, advice, and herbal recipes are based on that multi-dimensional understanding of nature. The herbs and teas assist in restoring balance. It is important to understand that it is you who heals yourself through a change in behavior. 


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