The Body's Highway: Blood Cleansing

“Everything we eat stays in the body for a period of time. Some things that we eat can stay in the body for ten months before they are completely gone, so it is important to recognize this time factor.” -Master Naba

Blood: It’s the invisible force that powers the body, flowing through our veins and arteries, lighting up our system. Yet, it’s the one element in the body we don’t even think about taking care of. In fact, we more often consider donating it than cleaning and cleansing it. 

Let’s talk about some of the most common substances we consume in our modern diets.

First, the modern diet is high in sugar and salt. 

What happens to these substances when they go into liquid? 

When we drink juice, we no longer see the granules of sugar that have dissolved into the drink.  When we shake salt into our sauce, it melts into and becomes a part of the flavor palette of the dish. 

What we don’t see is what happens in the body after we ingest these foods and drinks.  What began as solid granules can reconstitute once they are in the body. After the liquid has gone everywhere in the body, the body will absorb what is needed as nutrients. What’s left is the waste, or the unnecessary components, which can become solid again within the bloodstream, clumping and blocking these essential thruways in the body. 

Animal fats, when consumed in excess (another commonly consumed food in our modern diets) can also build up excess waste in our systems and bloodstreams, requiring maintenance and cleansing.  It’s often referred to as “high cholesterol” in the modern medical lexicon.

Beyond diet, even those much touted vitamins and the supplements that we get sold on everyday often contain more minerals than the body can process and often in a form the body can’t fully process. Calcium, magnesium, and potassium in processed pill form can often create the same effect as salt and sugar in the body, building up in the bloodstream.

This is why cleansing the blood is essential, both as preventative care and when the body shows signs of excess waste, such as yellow pee, a “buzzing” feeling within the body, low or fluctuating energy levels, and dry mouth.  Ankhkasta has several levels of blood cleansers we offer.  

We’ll just cover a few here:

  1. Ninika is our introductory, most general blood cleanser.  It’s a time-tested recipe, passed down through many generations in West Africa, used for maintenance, to get rid of toxins, abnormal cells, and excess waste and fats within the bloodstream.
  1. Senseni is one of our strongest herbs for detoxifying the blood and is known for being able to remove excess mineral deposits in the blood. It is often used for stroke recovery and for relief from chronic abscesses. Like our other blood cleansers, it is not unusual for Senseni to clear up unexplained or difficult to heal illnesses. 

  2. Ahlome is our most potent blood cleanser. It detoxifies the blood, while fighting infections and boosting the immune system. It’s an antibody booster that has been used by people in Africa for centuries to address a variety of serious ailments and issues. 

If you are interested in cleansing the blood or think this might be an issue for you, a good way to start is to talk to one of our health coaches to decide the specific herbal regime best for your unique health situation:

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