Kidney Detox: Kidney Stone Cleanse

Kidney Detox: Kidney Stone Cleanse

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The kidneys are an essential cleansing organ within the body, and indigenous societies know the importance of these two small organs. They remove waste products from the body, balance the body's fluids, excrete hormones that regulate blood pressure, and regulate the production of red blood cells.

When the kidneys aren't working properly, it can throw off many systems in the body. With this many functions, the cleansing of this primary cleansing organ in the body is key to overall health. 

Why Try Kidney Detox?

  • To cleanse the kidneys
  • To clear kidney stones
  • To prevent kidney disease
  • To heal and prevent difficulties with the urinary tract

Directions: Boil herbs with 10 limes and drink 2x a day

ANH Overview: Ankhkasta Natural Healing is a 501c3 non-profit supporting indigenous African traditions and culture. ANH partners with traditional healers in West Africa (Meritah) who have been using these herbal solutions for generations since the dawn of humanity. ANH is an indigenous managed and operated company striving to indigenize and preserve life. 

Disclaimer: Ankhkasta Natural Healing is based on traditional indigenous healing methods and knowledge. Our remedies and herbal recipes have been proven and preserved for generations and traditionally were used within the context of a consultation with local healers & priests. Indigenous healers have the wisdom to take into account the multitude of components of the human being, both seen and unseen, and understand the consistency of herb usage and lifestyle changes needed for healing.

Even modern diagnoses may not capture the true nature of the underlying issues. While you may find success in individual remedies, for a more targeted approach you may wish to consult with one of our seasoned healers and coaches for a full, individualized healing plan and herb recommendations. To learn more about ANH consultations & coaching, click here or call (737)201-1213