Healers Bag: Seasonal Healing and Core Maintenance

Healers Bag: Seasonal Healing and Core Maintenance

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The Healer's Bag: Seasonal Healing and Core Maintenance

Embrace the wisdom of traditional African healing with The Healer's Bag, a specially curated package designed to align with the season's needs and ensure your overall well-being. This unique bundle includes three herbs selected by our healers for the current season, complemented by our core maintenance herbs: Ninika, Souley, Brain Cleanser, and Nature's Grenade.

This package includes 7 products. 

Seasonal Healing Herbs

Each season, our expert healers select three herbs tailored to support your health and harmonize with the natural cycles. These herbs are chosen based on the specific challenges and needs of the season, ensuring your body stays balanced and resilient.

Core Maintenance Herbs

  1. Ninika:

    • Purpose: Known as "The Human Being’s Best Friend," Ninika is one of the oldest and most potent blood cleansers. It helps eliminate abnormal or dead cells from the blood, cleanse artery and vein walls, balance hormones, and support skin health.
    • Usage: Boil one Ninika ball and drink the tea twice a day for a thorough blood cleanse​ 
  2. Souley:

    • Purpose: This powerful detoxifier supports liver and kidney function, essential for maintaining the body's filtration systems. Souley helps flush out toxins, prevent imbalances that can lead to diabetes and other illnesses, and increase overall energy.
    • Usage: Boil one Souley ball/bark and drink the tea twice a day for a comprehensive liver and kidney cleanse​ 
  3. Brain Cleanser:

    • Purpose: This herbal blend supports brain health by detoxifying and cleansing the brain, enhancing memory, and relieving brain fog. It is particularly recommended for those with a history of smoking or drug use.
    • Usage: Detailed instructions are provided with your order to ensure safe and effective use​ 
  4. Nature's Grenade:

    • Purpose: A robust herbal solution that flushes out toxins from the digestive system, relieves constipation, and eliminates waste build-up. It's perfect for post-travel cleansing and alleviating bloating.
    • Usage: Add one teaspoon to a cup of hot water and drink. Each packet contains enough for several doses, providing a thorough digestive cleanse​ 

Why Choose The Healer's Bag?

By incorporating these powerful herbs into your routine, you align with nature's cycles and support your body's core systems—blood, liver, kidneys, brain, and digestion. The Healer's Bag offers a holistic approach to maintaining and enhancing your health throughout the year.

Embrace the natural way to wellness with The Healer's Bag. Trust in the traditional wisdom and let our selected herbs guide you to optimal health.