Four Trees Digestive & Organ Cleanser

Four Trees Digestive & Organ Cleanser

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What is Four Trees?

Because our gut health is so closely connected to our overall well-being, regular cleansing is vital to maintaining good health. These herbs work to target issues with internal damaged cells, abscesses, hemorrhoids, intestinal issues, infections, and issues in the stomach lining while providing a healthy flush of toxins from the digestive tract. 

Four trees assists with hemorrhoids, stomach issues, and intestinal infections. Symptoms such as bowel movement challenges include straining, constipation, diarrhea, stomach pains, excessive gas, and bloating. Using this remedy regularly as a preventive will result in a decrease in general stomach issues. 

This herb which is made up of barks from four different trees, can be steeped in your liquid of choice. 


Why try Four Trees?

  • You have bowel movement challenges 
  • You experience straining or constipation
  • You experience diarrhea and stomach pains
  • You have excessive gas and bloating
  • You want to preventatively take care of stomach issues
  • You want to cleanse for strong gut health
  • Flush the digestive system of toxins 
  • Eliminate toxins and waste build-up
  • Protect your stomach lining
  • Feel lighter and refreshed
  • Maintain overall good health 

Description and Usage: Four trees supports digestive health. This remedy is provided raw to be turned into a tonic at home with a drink of choice provided in the instructions. Drink 6oz twice a day morning and evening for two weeks. After two weeks, the remedy can be dried in the sun and used again as needed until it loses its potency. For children use half the adult dose. Detailed instructions will be provided.

ANH Overview: ANH partners with traditional healers in West Africa (Meritah) who have been using these herbal remedies for generations since the dawn of humanity. ANH is an indigenous managed and operated company striving to indigenize and preserve life. 

DisclaimerAnkhkasta Natural Healing draws from generations of indigenous wisdom. Our remedies, rooted in traditional practices, were traditionally administered under the guidance of local healers and priests. They consider both visible and unseen aspects of healing. While individual remedies may yield results, consult our experienced healers for a personalized healing plan and herb recommendations. Learn more about ANH consultations and coaching:  click here or call (737)201-1213.

Our herbs are as unique as nature’s cycles. Harvested in wet or dry seasons, they may vary slightly in appearance. The images provided serve promotional purposes and are general representations of the herbs.

Important Note: Pregnancy, Breastfeeding, and Herbal Cleansing

Pregnant women, those attempting to conceive, or currently breastfeeding individuals should exercise caution when considering herbal cleansing. It is highly advised that individuals in these circumstances consult with a qualified ANH healer or coach before incorporating any cleansing herbs into their routine. Pregnant women are strongly advised against the consumption of cleansing herbs due to their potential effects on pregnancy. Additionally, for breastfeeding individuals, it is recommended to wait until the child is at least 3 months old before considering the use of such herbs.