Products FAQ

Q:  Where do your herbal remedies come from?

A:  Most of our remedies come from the West African countries of Burkina Faso, Benin, Côte d’ivoire, Ghana and Togo. Plant products are grown in the indigenous agricultural traditions of Meritah (Africa), without the use of chemicals, pesticides and are rotated regularly to preserve soil content. Many of the herbs are very rare in the modern world (most of the remedies we have don't even have Latin names) and are harvested in the deep bush of the aforementioned Sub Saharan regions of Western Meritah. Those who harvest and prepare the remedies are respected indigenous healers who understand our philosophy and policies, and are compensated fairly for their contributions.

Q:  Can I take my remedies with my prescribed medications?

A:  The herbal remedies on our site are safe to take with high blood pressure medications, vitamins and other common medications. If you have been advised to take additional herbs by an ANH healer or you have further questions or concerns please call our contact number 737-201-1213 or

Q:  Are herbal remedies safe?

A:  Herbal remedies are safe if used properly, but can also be harmful if a person does not know what they are doing. The remedies purchased from our ANH site are safe for a person to take on their own. However, we have dozens of other remedies for a variety of illnesses that can only be administered after having a consultation with one of our healers. Please contact 737-201-1213 for more details.

Q:  Are there any side effects from taking these remedies?

A:  Some people may experience headaches or nausea from their body adjusting to the remedies, but there are no side-effects that damage other organs, such as many pharmaceuticals do. These remedies come naturally from the soil and are meant to re-balance the body.

Q:  How come I don’t recognize the names of these herbs?

A:  Many of the herbs are considered “rare” in the modern world and simply do not have Latin or other European names. 


Q:  Are there any herbs here in my region that are like these herbs?

A:  There are several types of blood, liver, kidney and digestive cleansers that you can find locally, but Ankhkasta is currently the only organization throughout the world that supplies Ninika, Souley, and most other herbs on our site. There are herbal supplements that claim to have the same effects but not have the history of traditional healing that Ankhkasta herbs have, so the potency is different. 

Q:  Why should I use these remedies instead of a pharmaceutical drug?

A:  These remedies are made with natural plants, bark, and roots that result in successful cleansing of the aforementioned organs and system. These are remedies that have been kept and passed down for generations and do not include synthetic copies of "an active ingredient" as most pharmaceuticals are known to include. Knowledge of the body and how it works are key to the success of the herbal remedies, which are kept intact for us to use today.

Q:  Should I eat before or after taking them?

A:  You take a dosage of the herb just before or directly after eating, depending on the herbal product. 

Q:  Is there a special diet I should follow while taking these herbs?

A:  If you are taking an herb to prevent or solve an issue, then you should avoid eating the foods that exacerbate that issue. For example, the Ninika, Souley and digestive cleanser remedies are meant to remove salt, sugar, oils, etc. from the bloodstream and excess/stagnant food from the digestive tract, so we recommend decreasing or avoiding salt, sugar, oils, and also a heavy meat intake. If you receive a health consultation, then your healer will provide you with a diet to follow.

Q:  How do I know if the remedies are working?

A:  We encourage people to measure their blood pressure and cholesterol levels before taking Ninika/Souley and then after completing their dose or several doses. Please also keep in mind that it's encouraged to change your diet by eliminating salty, sugary and high fat foods. It will be more difficult to clean the blood if one continues to add toxins to it. To check if the digestive cleanser is working one can simply observe the content coming from their bowel movements. You will be able to feel the changes in the level of pain after using the body aches salve. These remedies have been used for many, many generations throughout various regions of Africa. Since they still exist, we see that as proof of their effectiveness.

Q:  When will I see results?

A:  The results vary from person-to-person. Depending on an individual’s situation they may need only one dose of a particular herb or may need several. It is best to consult a healer for further details.

Q:  Can I use all the herbs at the same time or one right after the other?

A:  Generally, only take 1-2 herbs at a time, unless otherwise directed by an Ankhkasta healer. 

Q:  Where do the proceeds go?

A:  Proceeds from sales go towards compensating the healers that we work with in West Africa, the purchase of more herbs, and towards indigenous empowerment projects. For more information please visit our Give Back page.

Q:  Are these herbs OK for people with certain ailments, or children, or pregnant women?

A:  The majority of women could take many of our herbs with no ill effects, however, because of our commitment to the preservation of life and the many factors that contribute to the stability of a pregnancy, we ask that pregnant women avoid these products. Children will have alternate directions for these remedies.