Our Mission

Our Mission is to Provide Direct Access to Sacred Indigenous Healing Wisdom.

Ankhkasta Natural Healing (ANH) is dedicated to acknowledging the grandeur of the heritage of the African continent and its healing knowledge, which has been preserved and disseminated since ancient times. 

As a company, we strive to contribute to a better worldwide understanding of the indigenous approach to health, wellness, and the healing virtues of nature acquired since time immemorial. We are dedicated to fostering the application of natural remedies to the modern problems facing humanity by promoting the wisdom and ​know-how​ of indigenous culture and its expressions via various holistic healing products and services. ANH works to continue the mission of its founder Master Neb Naba Lamoussa Morodenibig to disseminate traditional indigenous healing knowledge and provide access to this wisdom to people in modern communities.




Ankh means “life,” ka  means “spirit,” and Asta is a name for the African goddess “Aishat.” Ankhkasta together means “the life and spirit of Aishat.” In her attributes as an Egyptian goddess, one of her specialties is healing power and medicine. Ankhkasta was named in her honor.

Ankhkasta was founded in 1983 by Neb Naba Lamoussa Morodenibig, a Dogon (indigenous tribe of West Africa) High Priest and Master Healer, coming from a long line of priests and healers dating back to the time when much of his Ancestral traditions were being overtaken and traded for religions. His staunch commitment to the cultural legacy that his Ancestors fought to preserve and protect fueled his quest for knowledge and the mission to recover the grandeur of Kemetic history and reunite humanity with this legacy.

In the 1980’s, armed with a grand mission, Master Naba started the organization Khepra that would bring traditional men and women together in order to protect and take responsibility for the future of traditional African (or as it’s called in traditional language, Meritah). Shortly thereafter, he built the traditional institution of Ankhkasta Natural Healing in 1983 dedicated specifically to the preservation and perpetuation of indigenous African traditions of healing and spiritual technologies. He created a network of healers and priests who strive to strengthen and protect traditional healing techniques while at the same time making them available to people around the world. Together these priests/healers work to stop imperialists from usurping indigenous knowledge.

What once began as a mission by one Master Healer and traditional indigenous priest has multiplied and grown into a thriving network of healers, cultural activists, and students of indigenous knowledge. The team behind Ankhkasta Natural Healing is dedicated to continuing Master Naba’s vision by perpetuating the healing knowledge and wisdom from indigenous African civilization, which has been hidden from the broader public for centuries.