Positive Vibration Cleanse: Positivity & Good Luck Spiritual Soap

Positive Vibration Cleanse: Positivity & Good Luck Spiritual Soap

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Our Shining Aura positivity soap is infused with a combination of spiritual herbs and scents made to attract positivity into your life. It gently cleanses and exfoliates the skin, while energetically cleansing you and your aura. By cleansing yourself energetically, you will begin to attract more to you in the physical and spiritual form including luck, wealth, people and abundance. This soap is handcrafted and made from authentic African black soap with a combination of spiritual herbs, roots, and oils. 

Why use Shining Aura Spiritual Soap?

  • Attract positivity into your life 
  • Bring in good luck 
  • Call in abundance 
  • Cleanse energetically 
  • Stabilize your mood 
  • Cleanse energetically and spiritually 
  • Relieve stress 
  • Cleanse with Traditional Black Soap and indigenous spiritual herbs 

Usage & Description: Shining Aura Spiritual Soap is made with traditional black soap and spiritual herbs for energetic cleansing. Use this soap daily as your only soap until the soap is finished. Detailed instructions will be included in your order. 

ANH Overview: ANH partners with traditional healers in West Africa (Meritah) who have been using these herbal solutions for generations since the dawn of humanity. ANH is an indigenous managed and operated company striving to indigenize and preserve life. 

Try our gift set with both our Negativity & Positivity Cleanses 

Please note these soaps are made to order and may ship 3-5 business days after purchase. 

Disclaimer: Ankhkasta Natural Healing draws from generations of indigenous wisdom. Our remedies, rooted in traditional practices, were traditionally administered under the guidance of local healers and priests. They consider both visible and unseen aspects of healing. While individual remedies may yield results, consult our experienced healers for a personalized healing plan and herb recommendations. Learn more about ANH consultations and coaching:  click here or call (737)201-1213.

Our herbs are as unique as nature’s cycles. Harvested in wet or dry seasons, they may vary slightly in appearance. The images provided serve promotional purposes and are general representations of the herbs.