Tchirro Eye Remedy

Tchirro Eye Remedy

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Support Eye Health with this traditional remedy. In indigenous communities where herbs are plentiful, eye cleansing with Tchirro happens regularly and not just at the first sign of vision trouble. Age, occupation, and injury can all lead to changes in vision and affect overall eye health. Tchirro has been used to support many eye issues including glaucoma, cataracts, and nerve issues within the eye. Try Tchirro for relief from these issues or add it to your routine for regular eye care. 

Why try Tchirro?

  • Support Eye Health
  • Support vision issues
  • Routine eye cleansing
  • Support eye nerve health
  • Glaucoma relief
  • Cataract relief

Description & Usage: Tchirro is a very finely grounded herb that is applied directly to the eye to support overall eye health. Each package comes with 1/2 ounce of product which is enough to last about a month. Detailed instructions for application will be included with your order. When applied this herb can be associated with a brief discomfort and remnants remain visible on the lower eyelid for up to one day after application.