Spring Cleaning: The Indigenous Way

Spring is a time of regrowth, regeneration and the birth of new life. Where would we be without the necessary sweep of our homes and lives at this time of year?  While many of us know the value of cleaning our physical spaces, we often don’t think of our bodies in the same way. The indigenous healers we work with at Ankhkasta know the value of keeping the body harmonized and tuned-up, almost as one would view the upkeep and maintenance of a car or home. You wouldn’t drive past 10,000 miles without changing the oil or the brake pads, so why wouldn’t our bodies require the same maintenance?

In our Westernized education, the extent of prevention and good healthcare is oftentimes trying to eat vegan, cutting sugar or dairy, or exercising more, while missing the key component of taking care of our bodies: cleansing. Unfortunately the modern medical system regards cleansing and detoxifying the body as a myth made up by the alternative medical field, like a snake oil ploy to fleece people out of their hard-earned cash. So we don’t do it, or know that we have to do it. It’s typical for most of us to wait until we are sick to try remedies or visit the doctor, but by the time our bodies start showing outward signs of sickness it may even be too late to reverse.  The modern system will give us medications to cover and disguise the symptoms or we will journey down an alternative path which may require a much longer time taking herbs to see results. 

This is why the indigenous know better. In traditional cultures, the value of prevention and regular cleansing for health and longevity is well known, long before the body starts showing any signs of imbalance. Indigenous tribes, healers and herbalists have been using remedies for thousands of years to cleanse and flush the body of toxins, excess waste, buildup in the arteries and veins, and the remnants of poor dietary choices. It’s a practice that is regular and routine, like brushing one’s teeth.

Local herbs are often turned into tonics to cleanse daily or weekly, some targeting the body as a whole, the blood, or specific organ systems.  Salt, sugar, and minerals can build up in the blood and poor diet or time itself can cause buildup in the liver and kidneys, which require regular cleansing. Here at ANH, we offer these general and specialized tonics and herbs, the rare herbal recipes that have been time-tested and passed down in families for generations. Our most popular basic cleansers include Ninika, Souley, Nature’s Grenade, Kpo, and Coco, among others, but we have stronger cleansers for more serious concerns. Spring cleaning of the body is necessary and vital for anyone on a wellness path, and in the coming weeks we will cover some more of the herbal remedies that are vital to have in your health toolbox. In the meantime, check out some our best-selling and most popular cleansing products


Check out some of our most popular introductory cleansers:

For Cleansing of the Blood: Ninika capsules

Ninika is very effective in eliminating abnormal or dead cells from the blood, leaving it cleansed and purified. When the sick and dead cells are eliminated they cannot pose a threat to the body in the form of illness. It helps clean artery and vein walls of plaques and waste. Ninika is also known to balance hormones and is therefore useful during menopause and helping some acne and skin issues.

Liver & Kidney Cleansing: Souley Capsules

The liver and kidneys are part of a complex filtration system that rid your body of toxins. Unlike other filters that can be replaced, these organs need regular cleansing and maintenance. Trouble in the liver and kidneys are where the first signs of diabetes and other illnesses begin to manifest. Imbalances here can also lead to diarrhea and constipation.

Colon & Digestion Cleansing: Nature’s Grenade

These powerful pills are made to eliminate all of the excess waste from your digestive system including the stomach, intestines, and colon. While cleansing these organs it also helps with water retention by eliminating the excess water in your system. In African indigenous healing, it is known that excess fluid and water in the body can be a catalyst for major organ problems. 

Brain & Nervous System Cleanse: Green Brain Cleanser

Your brain is your most vulnerable organ. It is directly exposed to toxins, smoke, and allergens through the air we breathe. The Green Brain Cleanser is formulated to eliminate excess fluid and toxins for the prevention of chronic headaches, nerve issues, and illnesses affecting the brain. It is also recommended for those suffering from Sinusitis, as it clears the sinuses of excess mucus.  


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