Mending Broken Hearts: A Traditional Perspective on a Modern Epidemic, Part II

Did you know that the average person’s heart beats about 31,500,000 times in one year?

In our last article, we established the importance of this primary organ in the body and how we often abuse it in modern culture through poor diets and stressful, sedentary lifestyles.  This leaves us in a position where we are neglecting and sometimes actively harming the organ responsible for keeping our whole body going. 

A healer within a traditional culture wouldn’t even come across as many of these advanced issues, simply because the lifestyle and diet within the culture would look so different from our modern way of living.

For someone with advanced heart issues, the lifestyle advice from a traditional standpoint might look similar to a doctor’s recommendation, though these recommendations often only come as an afterthought, often when issues have advanced to a point of no return. Whereas these recommendations are woven into everyday life within a traditional context.

These are simple and known pieces of wisdom for good health:

  • Maintain a normal weight
  • Reduce salt & sugar intake
  • Increase physical exercise & movement
  • Don’t drink, or reduce alcohol
  • Eat fruits and vegetables
  • Reduce meat and dairy
  • No fast food, fried foods, oily foods
  • No fizzy drinks
  • Reduce red meat
  • Avoid cold foods
  • Avoid too many starchy foods

But the primary, fundamental treatment would differ in a traditional vs modern context. While a modern doctor would give medicines to target the primary symptoms: lowering the blood pressure, lowering the cholesterol levels, etc, a traditional healer would look to rule out other issues, even before determining a heart issue itself.  A traditional healer may give a digestive cleanse and an organ cleanser first, and then rule out hemorrhoids, which can mimic signs of heart issues, before giving herbs to directly target the heart.

Once the body is cleansed on a basic level and heart issues emerge as the clear problem, a strong blood cleanser would be indicated, Ninika and Senseni are particularly useful for clearing the arteries and veins and targeting heart issues. 

Next, a healer may give an herb which would directly target the heart, such as the Cherished Heart herbs. This herb is made from the bark of a tree known to have healing properties related to the heart; it is ground down and turned into an herb mixed with honey.  This traditional, powerful honey in and of itself contains healing properties but also helps to provide a lubricant as the herbs enter the body. Then the herb does its work to reduce swelling and inflammation in the heart, reducing palpitations and abnormal functioning of the organ. But this herb in and of itself would be given within the context of lifestyle changes and adjusting and targeting the other organs in the body, because traditional healers know that when they find a problem with one organ, other organs are usually off in the body.

In sum, heart issues are not necessarily difficult to heal, as the modern system would have us believe, with their surgeries and lifetime prescriptions, but it requires a deeper understanding of the body. It requires the willpower to enact the changes in how we live to maintain positive health and a return to ancient methods of healing, based in the power and intelligence of nature. 

(Cherished Heart is available on our website, which is best paired with a blood cleanser.  If you have issues with the heart, you can order these herbs, but it is recommended that you book a health coaching or consultation session for more targeted guidance from one of our trained coaches or healers for a tailored herb regime for your specific situation).

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