9 Ways to Be Successful Using Alternative Healing Methods

Deciding to heal naturally can be scary for people. Often you will feel alone on your journey and you might begin to doubt your decisions. It’s easy to feel discouraged when everyone is pushing you to take the more conventional route, but you can set yourself up for success with these tips.

Here are 9 ways to ensure your success using alternative healing methods.

1. Minimize responsibilities and engagements
Part of what makes natural healing so difficult is that it takes time. You will be pouring much of your energy into your health. That leaves very little time for anything else such as taking on big projects. Before you start, scale back on commitments and responsibilities so that you can focus your energy on your health without feeling stressed out.

2. Ask for support from your family and friends
Find people that are supportive of your decision and ask them for help. On days when you are not feeling well, ask for help with daily chores like cooking or babysitting. You can also use your support system to help keep you accountable. For example, letting your spouse know your dietary restrictions so that they can keep those foods out of the house.

3. Be prepared to spend money.
Natural healing isn’t necessarily more expensive than modern medical treatment. But you will have to pay out of pocket for everything including herbs, supplements, healthier food and consultations. Prepare yourself mentally and have a budget just for your wellness. See your health and wellness as an investment. By focusing on it now, you are avoiding costly medical issues in the future.

4. Choose a healing path and stick to it
This is so important! A lot of times people like to shop around and try different natural remedies. They may start with one natural remedy then switch before giving it enough time. Do your research BEFORE you embark on your journey. Speak to people, read reviews and figure out who is best qualified to help with your issue. Once you have decided, be committed to that path for the long run. Of course if you feel you are in real danger then you should re-evaluate.

5. Find a healer to guide you
Another big problem that happens often with natural healing is that people try to be their own healers. They may take a little bit from here and there, using different healing methods. The problem with this is that you are just experimenting and you gamble with your health. Instead of seeing natural health as a buffet, look at it as a technical process. Find an expert who has dedicated years to learning about your issue and let them guide you. Even healers need healers.

6. Get comfortable with discomfort
This is what makes natural healing challenging for a lot of people. There will be discomfort. There is no way around it. This includes food restrictions, taking very bitter herbs or even feeling physical discomfort. Find ways to minimize your discomfort. Look for physical pain relief such as heating pads or hot baths. Try new recipes to help with your food restrictions. Focus on your goal of healing your body. Having a goal in mind will help you push through things like drinking bitter teas. Your sacrifices will be well worth it in the end.

7.Be brutally honest with yourself and your healer
Healing naturally takes a lot of discipline. If you do not follow protocols, chances are you will not be successful. Don’t be inconsistent with your treatment plan and then be surprised if you are not healed. Instead be honest with yourself about your shortcomings. Figure out why you are not able to follow through and make adjustments. Let your healer know so that you can work together to be successful.

8. Set up your environment
Drinking a bitter tea is hard enough. Don’t make it harder for yourself by complicating your process. Set up alarms to remind you. Have your mug and tea ready to go in the morning. Invest in an electric kettle to simplify boiling water. Subscribe to meal programs if you need to. Find a way to make the process simple.

9. Work on your mindset
Having a positive mindset is crucial to your success. Worrying and having anxiety can make your health problems worse. Find ways to calm your mind and anxiety. Have patience because healing naturally takes time but it is worth the time and effort.

Healing naturally isn’t the easiest route, but it is definitely rewarding. Being prepared will set you up to be successful on your journey.
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