Fertile Fruit: Woman’s Fertility

Fertile Fruit: Woman’s Fertility

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What is Fertile Fruit: Tiu Bu?

This dynamic and rare Ghanaian solution is a sacred dried fruit traditionally called Tiu-Bu. Fertile Fruit is one of ANH’s most potent fertility solutions and has many uses. It can be used for reproductive cleansing, stimulating ovulation, and as a healing vaginal steam. Fertile Fruit is also known to bring twins or multiple births. When fertility issues persist it can be frustrating and stressful. Ankhkasta Natural Healing has a variety of methods to help you conceive sooner.

Because of its potency, Fertile Fruit is available by consultation only. Contact ANH at  737-201-1213 for more information. 

Try Fertile Fruit for:

  • Long term fertility issues
  • Stimulate ovulation
  • Support reproductive function
  • Conceive faster
  • Regulate menstruation
  • Support sexual health

Usage and description: Fertile fruit is taken to support fertility and reproductive health in women. Detailed instructions will be included in your order.