ANH Self Love Kit

ANH Self Love Kit

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The greatest form of self care is spiritual, energetic and physical cleansing. 

This kit includes

-Kozosongo Spiritual Bath Set $75 value

  • Our Sacred Shower spiritual cleanse is made of a very potent herb known as Kozosongo. It is known to cleanse and remove negative energies and negative entities. It is often used by healers in authentic African spiritual bath ceremonies deep in the bush across the continent. For the first time, Ankhkasta Natural Healing is able to offer this sacred healing cleanse for those unable to travel to those sacred lands. 
  • Negative energies can cause major disturbances in all aspects of a person’s life and regular energetic cleansing is vital to your spiritual health. Removing these negative energies can lead to improved mood, better sleep quality, harmonious relationships and improved luck. Just a small amount makes a big difference. This shower is also a good option for energy workers and healers who come into contact with a lot of people with energy disturbances. 

-Energetic Tranquility Negativity Remover Incense $75 value

  • While most of us do not see them, energies are everywhere around us. Energetic problems in our environment can often manifest themselves as depression, incidents, nightmares, and insomnia. Just like us, our homes need regular cleansing to maintain harmony. This rare blend of incense and herbs purifies the space around you to eliminate energetic disturbances, promoting mental stability and better sleep. Creating a more peaceful sleeping environment reduces stress and can allow for better dreams. This spiritual incense is also a great addition for your current smudging and space-cleansing practices.  

-Reproductive Cleanser (Tea for women OR KanKanKan for men) $75 value

  • Female: This extra-strength cleanser works to restore your system by deep cleansing your reproductive organs, resetting the internal balance, and flushing out toxins. It is common to see improvements and regulation of menstruation length, intensity, color, and cramping. Fertility may increase, and women will often see vitality return to other areas of the body, simply by taking care of this essential system within the body.
  • Male: This product is to support reproductive health for both men and women by healing the nerves around the reproductive organs. Indigenous cultures understand the importance of men's and women's sexual health and stamina. Kankankan is for both men and women to increase libido and vigor in the bedroom, but particularly for men, it can heal the nerves within the reproductive area and keep him going strong. Not only does it act as a stamina booster, it heals the reproductive system and the male sexual organ. It can increase stamina in the bedroom and virility of the sexual organs It is designed to enhance sexual performance as well as keep the reproductive organs healthy, preventing sexual weakness.