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Indigenize your lifestyle

Connect with a life coach to help you move forward in areas of your life that are stuck, unbalanced, or disconnected. You will work with an Ankhkasta life coach based on your unique life circumstances and goals to create solutions tailored to your life. An ANH life coach can help you to create new routines, refocus on your health and wellbeing, regulate your emotions, and realign with your roots, including indigenous and ancestral practices. Ankhkasta life coaches strive to bring you back into alignment with yourself and bring you back into connection with Nature and your own unique life path. Using indigenous-based wisdom and ancient practices, an ANH life coach will tailor a series of sessions to your unique personal needs and goals, and may recommend additional services, like herbs, health coaching, or Earth Energy Readings based on your particular set of circumstances.

Who is right for ANH Life Coaching?

  • If you are going through one or more major life changes and associated stressors.
  • If your emotions, thinking, or behaviors feel unbalanced, chaotic, or “stuck.” 
  • If you are lacking in direction and need help to feel energized and motivated.
  • If you are experiencing life concerns, including relationship conflict, work stress, or family concerns and need an indigenous, practical perspective.
  • If you resonate with indigenous practices and want to feel more connected to natural rhythms in your life.
  • If you need more wellness practices to ground the body and the mind.
  • If you are feeling spiritually overwhelmed and confused and need guidance.

At least 5 sessions are recommended to see the changes you are seeking. 

ANH Life Coaches can help map out personalized strategies to meet your life goals and bring balance back to your body, mind, and spirit, including amount of sessions recommended and frequency of sessions.

Click on the consultation link to set up a free 15-minute consultation call.

Note: The free coaching call is not a full session, it is simply a brief introduction to services and will assist in assessing your goals for coaching, whether life coaching services are right for you, and matching you with the right life coach. If you would like more information on our other services including readings, consultations or health coaching, please call us on our customer service line, 737-201-1213 (ext 2 or 3).


$115 for one 1-hour session

$450 for 5-session package (1-hour sessions, at intervals/schedule determined by you and coach)

*Please call for tailored pricing packages


Jahzra Shemzura has been working with Ankhkasta Natural Healing and The Earth Center for 15 years in a variety of capacities as a result of her dedication to the mission of reconnecting people with the practices and norms that have been working for humanity since time immemorial. She has been traveling to West Africa for the last decade and currently resides there with her family of six children, learning from her teacher, Naba Iritah, and the elders in Kemetic culture. Prior to her investment in this mission, she worked as a teacher, lawyer and community activist.

Tiasta Maaheqwur has been working with clients in her private healing and therapy practice since 2014. She is pleased to be bringing her services to Ankhkasta Natural Healing. Her work is informed by her own healing process. Dealing with personal unexplained health issues and unsatisfied with the modern medical system, she began to explore alternative spiritual healing methods alongside herbal remedies. She found Ankhkasta in 2018, and became trained in indigenous natural healing methods, and the connections between physical, energetic, and spiritual health through KebTah (The Earth Center) and Ankhkasta. She has since traveled to indigenous West Africa, gaining apprenticeship experience through the Het Aishat healing center in Togo.