Better Together Couples Aphrodisiac Bundle

Better Together Couples Aphrodisiac Bundle

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  • More Fun for Two Powder - $75
  • A-Rise Male Sexual Stimulant - $75
  • Sweet Lady Feminine Stimulant- $45

Better Together: Couples Aphrodisiac  

Enhance the pleasure together with this power pack for couples. The better together bundle includes our ANH Best seller A-Rise (formerly 40 Goats) male stimulant as well as our all natural Sweet Lady herbal aphrodisiac for women. Our More Fun For Two herb is designed for you both to share as you open the door to new experiences together. 

A-Rise: KanKanKan

Last longer and boost stamina with this ANH Best Seller. A-Rise is a potent fast acting herb that is quite fittingly known as KanKanKan in West Africa and formally known as 40 goats. This potent tincture increases the blood flow allowing you to go stronger for longer when it’s time to A-rise to the occasion. Take a sip of this  powerful potion for a confident performance and a night of more fun. This sexual pleasure enhancer is for men only. 

Sweet Lady 

Get ready for love with this natural stimulant for women. This fast-acting herb from Ghana called Nini is known for tasting sweet just like it’s name and will quickly get you in the mood. Whether you are experiencing a decrease in sexual drive or just looking for more fun, this herb will have you ready to heat up the bedroom. Sweet lady stirs up your feminine energies and stimulates the sex centers of the brain putting you in a passionate and sensual mood. Try this sweet herb for an experience that you and your partner will love. 


More Fun for Two 

Even the most adventurous couples like to add some heat to the repertoire from time to time. More Fun for Two lets you heighten the pleasure together. This herb works by increasing blood flow and stimulating sex centers in the brain. Sometimes the challenges of everyday life can cause things to slow down in the bedroom. Adding a pleasure enhancer could be the spark to help you get back on track. Whether you’re in the need of a boost or looking for new experiences, this natural stimulant will leave you both feeling loose and ready for passion. Perfect for a night of more fun.