Doni: Pain Management

Doni: Pain Management

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What is Doni Body Ache Salve?

Relieve sore muscles and joints with this herbal salve. Doni is a handcrafted herbal salve made with natural shea butter and a blend of potent herbs for relief. This recipe is used to alleviate a variety of body aches, including muscle tension, nerve pain and joint pain. This product is a good supplement for people with sports injuries, arthritis, labor intensive careers, athletes and elders. Doni is  great to have on hand for whenever the occasion calls. 

Why try Doni?

  • Relieve Joint Pain
  • Relieve Nerve Pain
  • Relieve Muscle Aches
  • Herbal Pain Management
  • Support arthritis 
  • Try all natural pain relief 

Usage & Description: Doni is an herbal salve made with shea butter used for relief of body aches and pain. Detailed instructions will be included with your order.

ANH Overview: Ankhkasta Natural Healing is a 501c3 non-profit supporting indigenous African traditions and culture. ANH partners with traditional healers in West Africa (Meritah) who have been using these herbal solutions for generations since the dawn of humanity. ANH is an indigenous managed and operated company striving to indigenize and preserve life.